Gecko Gauge

Gauge and install fiber-cement siding up to 48% faster with the Gecko Gauge Siding Clamps!

Working as a pair, the Gecko Gauge clamps to each siding course, acting as a second set of hands to gauge and support the next course for nailing. Using a patented Friction-Cam mechanism, the gauge will securely support heavy full-length siding. In recent tests, the Gecko Gauge was recognized as the fastest and simplest fiber-cement siding tool of the popular brands tested. For fiber-cement siding clamps, shop the SA903 Gecko Gauge or the SA902 Gecko Gauge, recommended for primed siding.  For engineered wood siding clamps, use the SA90338 Gecko Gauge or the SA90376 Gecko Gauge

Also works with shingles! For fast shingle installation, simply attach your own ledger board for fast and easy one-person shingle installation with the Gecko Gauge.

 Get fast, accurate installation with less fatigue and with virtually no layout with PacTool's Gecko Gauge siding clamps!