“In no time at all, the SS424 Backerboard Shears have become one of those must have tools. Thanks for making my job easier and cleaner!”

Sincerely, Scott Brownchweig

I wish that I had bought Gecko Gauges sooner. I cannot believe how easy and effortless they make siding. I am actually enjoying the process once again. I think the time I saved in the first day of my current project more than paid for these.

Josh Schmitt — President, Craftsman Construction

Boy, they(Gecko Gauge) are GREAT! Highly, highly recommended for the single builder!

Jim Bigger

I have used the Porter Cable and the Kett siding shears and these (Snapper Shears) are a full step ahead…

Marcus W, Austell, GA, USA

“There are other siding gauges on the market, but yours are the best I have ever used. Keep up the good work!”

Mac McVicker- dba Plumb Level Square, Woodland Park, CO

I want to thank you for a wonderful product. We don’t have such tools in Israel and it made the work with the cement board siding an easy work!

Sagit Lev

What a wonderful tool (Gecko Gauge) and a great time saver. Speaking of great tools, if you want a really efficient siding crew, the Shear and Curve Shear are must have as well.

Paul E Fournier

These shears are the best. Fast, quiet, clean cutting, and NO DUST!

Bob S.